Corfu to Sicily

Corfu to Sicily: some personal milestones

On this sail we broke some personal records.
Longest ever sea passage for Simon and I together: 2 days and 290Nautical miles
First time poling out the Genoa. We rigged the Spinnaker pole and played around with the uphaul and down haul before getting the sails nicely set on a downhill sail for a few gorgeous hours, an unexpected pleasure.

Most sudden acquisition of a new crew member. We invited Julie to join us from Free Cloud just one hour before leaving for Italy. She accepted and fitted in very quickly!

First on board hair cut. Thanks Jules! Good job.

First fish to get away. Julie helped us to rig Roger’s state of the art brand new Mediterranean fishing rod and we did get three bites! Unfortunately, three escapes as well. The first bite came only half an hour after we rigged the line and seemed to be enormous, taking the lure with it.

First half way party: any excuse to crack open the prosecco. A real pleasure to celebrate a milestone as a crew.
First kip on the bow at sea. I went up with a book on sail trim and nodded off under the generous shade of the genoa (which according to my book is actually a jib, oh well). Very restful.

First sun rise of the summer. Always a gorgeous moment when the red sun rises in a perfectly clear sky. I resolved to see another one at some point before the summer was out. Box yet to be ticked!

First night at sea on the Princess. We all slept well on board although Julie went for two complete days and one night before professing to feel sleepy!
First landing in a new country on the Princess. When the Syracuse came into sight we found it quite moving. The anchorage was perfect, spacious and straight forward. After so many weeks in Corfu the Italian coast was exotic and exciting and we felt a real feeling of satisfaction at a passage which was such a pleasure and safely conducted.